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Barbara E. Kristal, Esq.

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“I don't want a lawyer to tell me what I can not do,

I hire a lawyer to tell me how to do what I want to do.”

~ JP Morgan ~

Divorce is one of the most traumatic of life's circumstances, and the experiencing of it leaves one feeling powerless and isolated. Friends and family may provide you with heartfelt emotional support, but like all deeply personal of events the choices that you make early on define what your life will look and feel like during the process, and in your post-divorce world. Selecting the right legal professional is critical to your present and future well-being. Family law attorneys vary widely in their experience, attitude and skill. At the Law Office of Barbara Kristal, we strive to provide Coachella Valley residents with the "gold standard" for quality representation and guidance, whether your issues involve complex property division and business valuations, child custody contests, child or spousal support, domestic violence restraining orders, domestic partnership issues, and much more!

I believe that a unique quality that our firm offers people like you, that is critical to creating and maintaining an effective and successful attorney-client relationship, is an empathy for, and devotion to, helping others to solve their legal challenges as if they were my own. My clients are not strangers to me. My goal is to gain an intimate understanding of your worries, hopes and needs, and of the qualities and hard-wiring of your ex-spouse or domestic partner to the extent these must be overcome in order to settle your matter, or sometimes to litigate it to its conclusion.

Many people suspect that attorneys tell them what they wish to hear, and indeed some hire the divorce lawyer whom they believe will mirror the client's agendas. I believe in being honest and forthright with my clients. If I feel my client's goals are impossible or unreasonable, I will advise them of my concerns and where that road may lead. I offer solutions to complex family law matters that are based upon legal expertise, compassion and honest evaluations.

Not every divorce or family law dispute ends up in litigation. Some can be resolved quickly and early-on, both parties permitting. For most cases, however, some initial battles must be fought at the outset. This is because most people are highly conflicted during the initial stages of break-up. Custody and visitation may need to be fixed because the parents cannot agree on what is in a child's best interest. Often one spouse, who formerly was a homemaker for instance, is at a serious economic disadvantage and needs financial support in the form of alimony in order to survive. The other often resents paying that spouse or domestic partner a penny. At the same time, it is also not unusual for one person who feels an entitlement to spousal or child support to take an unreasonable position, or even to interfere with parent-child relations in the expectation this will net them more money. Domestic violence is all too common, and may require an immediate and tough response in order to protect family members from physical and emotional harm. In all these situations, litigants may have unreasonable expectations, and need the reality check that Family Court is almost guaranteed to provide. Thereafter the parties can begin to settle down and to understand the contours of this new territory, and at this point resolution becomes possible.

Whether your case can be settled or must be presented to a judge, I am a formidable force to be dealt with, which has forged my reputation within the desert. I have earned my reputation over 25 years of practicing family law, one client at a time. I always treat my clients, and the other side, with respect. When my colleagues come up against me, they know I will deal with the case in an above-board manner but will fight stubbornly for my client's rights.

It is this understanding that guarantees that sooner rather than later we can 'roll up our sleeves' together and get to the business of resolution, allowing my clients to enjoy a positive new beginning.

~ Barbara E. Kristal, Esq. ~

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